Modal / Cashmere - 70 x 200 cm

Art.-Nr. 2021-M14

"I'm in the right place" painting

Cotton/Silk blend fiber became popular in the 1800s when hybrid fabrics were being invented. The soft quality of silk combined with the cushioning properties of cotton made this fabric a huge hit. It is famous in the showbiz as well. Even today, many fashion Divas prefer garments of this blend due to its versatility as a fabric. Our cotton/silk fabric features a blend ratio of 75% cotton and 25% silk. Enjoy wearing your custom-printed cotton/silk scarves wherever you go, be it indoors or outdoors. Soft on the skin, elegant, and comfortable, our prints look simply gorgeous on it. It gives you the best of both worlds, and is ideal for all seasons. The weave is very lightweight and silky and gives you a drape that not only soft but also sturdy. Our cotton/silk scarves are suitable for machine-washing and can be designed using a variety of print styles. Please do note that scarves of this fabric for all sizes come with a machine-stitched hem.

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