Tote bag 36x 38cm

Art.-Nr. 2021-M-1

The dimensions for this beach bag is 36x38cm with a 62 cm handle.Comprised of 100% Certified Organic Cotton, this cotton duck canvas is as Eco-Friendly as it gets. Fabricated from environmentally friendly material and fabrication methods utilizing solely sustainable fibers and low impact dying methods, this material was created in efforts to preserve the Earth's precious resources as much as possible. Weighing in at 10 oz. and 9 oz. once pre-shrunk, this cotton canvas is best when utilized for beach bags.

Advantages of cotton duck fabric

  • It has a relatively smooth surface that isn't prone to snagging and tearing.
  • It is somewhat burn-resistant, albeit still certainly flammable. A few small sparks or hot ashes won't ruin the fabric, unlike nylon or other synthetics that end up with tiny pinholes everywhere in the same situation.
  • It may feel stiff and uncomfortable at first, but after being washed and worn a few times should feel quite comfortable.

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