Claudia Dietschi Contemporary Art

Claudia focuses in her paintings on the power of boundlessness – no limitation by words, colours and shapes.


25.11.2021 from 4 to 9 pm at the Hotel Hilton Zurich Airport.

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New Atelier

From now on I am creative in my new ART-elier in 'The Valley'.



Mixing colors without limits

Workshop on February 12, 2022

Time: 10.00 – 16.30
Surprise aperó
Incl. canvas

CHF 250.-

WhatsApp/Tel. +41 79 3576091

Course location:
8310 Kemptthal, Kemptpark 13, 1st floor.

On this day we will mix acrylic colors and discover new color tones for 2022.
You will work out your personal color palette for your abstract painting.

Now in the new atelier 'The Valley'

Claudia Dietschi Atelier The Valley Zürich
Claudia Dietschi Atelier The Valley Zürich
Claudia Dietschi Atelier The Valley Zürich

Atelier in Manhattan

I’m excited to be a part of Atelier in Manhattan
28. November 2021

Led by his Shape & Color Synesthesia, Margin Alexander will perform a dozen original pieces inspired by various selected visual art works!

This event, in the format of a "music exhibition," is a small instrumental concert open to all music & art admirers. Margin Alexander, a composer and pianist has selected the art works of a dozen different visual artists whose works have inspired him to compose original music for.
The composer is deeply sensitive to shapes, colors and visual effects. This type of synesthesia has always made him hear music, timbres, sounds and other aural cues. In this event, the composer will narrate the works by telling how he was inspired by each of them, then, to be followed by a performance of an original piece of music dedicated to each piece. In addition each artist will be presented accompanying each work.
Besides being projected live on the screen for the audience, the artworks will also be exhibited at a Manhattan Location on easels or projected on a screen or a wall.


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Painting Courses

Learn to paint in a real artist's studio to "dive into the secrets of painting".


Here I inform you about my future vernissages, and also other art exhibitions.


Claudia Dietschi

Claudia Dietschi is a freelance artist who wants to inspire others to try out new possibilities in their creativity. Her abstract painting is characterised by boundlessness – unrestricted by words, colours and shapes.

A small selection of my works

Hope Mixed Media 120x80cm 2021
Claudia Dietschi Contemporary Art 2021