Painting is my passion

Every day I discover new variations – a journey that never ends.


Be inspired by my passion for painting, browse my works and maybe you would like to take a painting class with me?!

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Aktuelle Arbeiten in 2021

Bilder aus 2020

Painting – Fun – Relax

Acrylic/mixed technique combined with your favourite colours.
For beginners and advanced
  • Calm – Serenity
  • Switch off
  • Free DOING
  • Letting go
  • Creating experiences
  • Create friendships

How I work

Claudia Dietschi

In my studio I work intuitively on my canvases – adding, reducing, layer by layer. Until I reach the point where I find meaning and harmony in my paintings. The paintings adorn my studio until they continue to inspire new viewers in a new home.

I discovered my passion for painting during a further education course (art, painting and design therapy).

Claudia Dietschi

Acrylic mixed media

Is a painting technique in which acrylic colours are mixed with other media and design techniques.

This gives you an unlimited variety of new possibilities.
Exciting surface structure through the use of a wide variety of materials and processing techniques.

Use of different materials such as acrylic paints, sand, structural mass, coffee, wine, ash, chalk and pigments leads to fascinating, expressive structures.

A small selection of my works

Hope Mixed Media 120x80cm 2021
Claudia Dietschi Contemporary Art 2021
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