Claudia Dietschi

Claudia Dietschi works as a freelance artist

Paint is more than just paint coming out of a pot, it yields an emotional value when handled directly, which is then incorporated onto the canvas using a variety of techniques.

About Me –
as an Artist

Born 1970, in Winterthur
Married / mother of two children

I discovered my passion for painting during a further education course (art, painting and design therapy).

I have been running my studio since 2015.

I get my inspiration from my travels and the years I lived in the Middle East. The colours, smells, dynamics and expressiveness still accompany me today and flow into my paintings.


I was born in Winterthur, Switzerland, but have always carried myself out into the big wide world. The feeling of not being seen and heard in the past has caused the desire to explore the world to grow within me. It was traveling where I first found boundlessness. At 37 I moved to the Middle East and suddenly found myself surrounded by newfound colors, creativity and many new ways to express myself.

My focus is to work with bold and vibrant colors that give me the medium to express myself and to be seen.

Returning back to Switzerland, I missed the colorful life. Since then I have thrown myself into my world of abstract expressionism, finding that abstract painting fills me with energy, enthusiasmus and optimism. In the sensitivity in being as well as being heard and seen without words in the diversity of life. My artistic work expresses the colors of life, independents and freedom and is influenced by my experience of being a woman. My gentle spiritual nature gives me a down to earth experience and has been enhanced by my exploration as a woman.

Today, the focus in my paintings liais in the power of boundlessness – no limitation in words, colors and shapes.

In my courses I love to inspire everyone trying out new possibilities in their creativity and finding their own boundlessness.

About me –
as a therapist

Through the birth of my children I was able to get to know craniosacral therapy. My focus is the human being – his well-being – the promotion of his further development.

I have been offering biodynamic craniosacral therapy since 2020. I work holistically, intuitively and for the well-being of the person.

I learned Biodynamic Craniosacral Therapy from Sandra Gubler, therapist and lecturer:

Advanced training course
Welcome Cranio for newborns & their parents

Further education

Institute for Kinesology and Alternative Medicine Zurich:
  • Brain Gym
  • Touch for Health
Institute for Applied Kinesology Freiburg, Prof. Brigitte Haberda:
  • How learning is possible
  • Learning strategies and techniques
  • Numeracy 1 & 2

Meine Empfehlungen

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CranioSacrale Therapie/ ThetaReading

D&S Home Beauty –
Denise & Samira Jaberg

Kosmetik & dauerhafte Haarentfernung
mit Dioden – Laser – Technik

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Medizinische Körpertherapie
Fussreflexzonenmassage/ Spiraldynamik 3D Massage

Further training in painting

Diverse Künstler

Robert Süess

Ramona Hoffmann

Angelika Biber

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